Eczema and other Skin problems

G-tube feedings, seizures, disabilities, and other medical conditions all seem to “attract” other problems.  I’ve noticed for our girlie-girl that her skin tends to show what is going on inside her. This is not a big surprise since our skin is considered our largest organ!  Skin is a toxin expeller.

I don’t know if that is related to eczema or not, honestly.  But I do know that my little girl and I both have eczema and allergies.

A new drug on the market called EpiCeram (yes ceram, not cream), made by Ceragenix Pharmaceuticals and marketed by Promius Pharma, is available by prescription for treatment of eczema and other dermatoses.  The thinking behind this medication, as I understand it, is that eczema is a lipid (fat) imbalance in the skin.  This medication seeks to restore the lipid balance.

It is applied in a thin layer directly to the affected area, twice a day.  It has worked extremely well for both my daughter and me.  I’d show you before and after photos, but I didn’t take any and now it is gone!


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