Winter and illness

In recent weeks our household has gone through one illness after another.  If we were all as well nourished as my tube-fed-for-medical-reasons child I bet we would have been fine!

Generally speaking, my 11 year old daughter doesn’t eat any junk food.  She never drinks soda, doesn’t eat candy (except for occasional fruit snacks), eats lots of fresh fruit and vegetables every day and her starch is limited to oatmeal or bulghur wheat.

All of her regular diet is fed to her through her g-tube because she is so orally aversive she will not eat enough to stay alive.  Additionally, I give her Vitamin D3 and Omega 3 through her g-tube.  One of the key things to remember about Vitamin D is that it is fat soluble which means it can be stored in body fat.  Excess Vitamin D can result in hypercalcemia which can range in symptoms from fatigue and constipation to central nervous system dysfunction. So it is very important to not exceed recommended doses as well as having calcium levels checked when a blood test is being done.  My doctor suggests taking D3 on a high fat meal, like bacon and eggs.  I don’t feed my daughter bacon and eggs, but there is enough beef in her recipes that she gets plenty of fat.  I give her Vitamins with her regular meals and not with her blended fruit snack in the afternoon.

Speaking of which, it is time to go turn on the blender!  She should be home from school soon!


3 thoughts on “Winter and illness

  1. I read this blog about giving your child Omgeg 3 through her GTube and I would like more information. My mother had a massive stroke mid December 2013 and we’re now dealing with her rehabing at a Skilled Nursing facility. I would like to give her Omega 3 in her Gtube (which as been approved by her doctor) but the facility says it cannot be in pill form. Does anyone know of a bottle form available for purchase so we can start giving it to her through her gtube?
    Please Help..

    • Any health food store sells liquid Omega 3 in bottle form. I have also punctured capsules with a needles for years and squirted it into the syringe, but the liquid in a bottle is much easier.

    • I’m so sorry about your Mom. What a trying time for all of you.
      Carlson’s fish oil (DHA and EPA omega 3s) is a good brand, in my opinion, and not as expensive as Norwegian fish oil… definitely available in liquid form in a bottle, easy to work with.

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