Yet a few more recipes….

It’s been one of THOSE weekends.  Asthma has been my companion all weekend, dang it, and that always saps my energy.

The thing about feeding a child blended meals through a g-tube for medical reasons, is that sometimes, I JUST DON’T FEEL LIKE MAKING THE FOOD!

It is quite a LABOR-(of LOVE of course)-IOUS process and mucks up the whole kitchen.

Which is fine, the girlie-girl is certainly absolutely and most definitely worth it, but sometimes i    just     don’t     feel     like     it.

This month has been particularly busy, what with all the organization and communication responsibilities for Big Brother’s 8th grade  class fundraisers and projects. You’d think I was the one in 8th grade still!!!  (Although an 8th grader couldn’t attend a wine tasting, I forgot. But not at the time, whew.) AND getting valentine’s ready for Little Miss’s class party without giving her an opportunity to RIP them to shreds before delivery.  She certainly LOVES to rip!

So getting up in the morning to NO PREPARED FOOD has happened more than once this weekend. Used to be that would cause major anxiety, because YOU KNOW, what if I got in a car accident or something? (MEEE???  hahaha – I drive too fast for anyone to hit me!) How WOULD they feed her without these prepared meals and what if they forgot because there were no containers there to remind them and she didn’t say she was hungry for, like,  4 or 5 weeks????

Anyway, I made smoothies for her and the guys – that was breakfast. Whatever fruit is in the house, plus orange juice – a couple bananas plus some almonds helped ensure a hopefully high enough calorie count.  Big Brother didn’t really like it with the honeydew melon in there.  I think his tastebuds were shot since he is sick. Plus, Mr. Husband didn’t complain.  Oh wait, it was Valentine’s Day – my official day off from complaints!  Maybe they WERE lousy!!!!

For lunch I made  Ramen, added some avocados and THAT was lunch.

For snack and dinner I actually MADE some “gooder” food:  I had cooked some ground beef  Friday night and laid it in a container on top of a bunch of halved tomatoes.  There is that thing (can’t-think-of-what-it’s-called) that tomatoes release when they are cooked a little, so I figured, maybe just having hot ground beef on top of them would do it.  I always keep a couple bags of fresh spinach in the freezer (the freezer wrecks the spinach for other recipes, but not for blenderized g-tube meals!) and with some other veggies, and a bit of olive oil, there was another meal or 3!  yay!  So the lesson is:  clean and throw some extra veggies in two zipper bags when you make a batch of food – it saves you later!

I made this Chinese Chicken Salad on Saturday from one of my very favorite America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks, but the dressing was AWFUL.  I would’ve made that into a meal, but all that cabbage?  Toot concert!  No thanks.

Little Miss had a High School Musical karaoke party with two girls from school and one of the moms might come over to see the whole blenderized meal making process so she can consider doing it for HER little miss. That encourages me – not because I think everyone SHOULD do it, but because if I can share it with someone else, no matter what decision they make, then all my hard work feels like it benefits other people too.  And that makes it feel even MORE worth it.

Tomorrow is Monday, so technically we made it through the weekend!  Not sure what I’ll do about tomorrow’s meals.  I might go to the store and start “THE PROCESS” but maybe not.  Maybe I’ll dig through the pantry some more and see what I come up with.  I hear olives are actually quite nutritious!


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