Winter is Here and I’m Happy

Kids with disabilities can be especially prone to illness. Our daughter has multiple disabilities and is fed by g-tube for medical reasons.

Fall has been a very difficult season for our household this year.  It is always difficult for me as my allergies and asthma go through the roof. I am so thankful that Little Miss doesn’t have asthma and her allergic reactions are pretty mild.

I may have to change my 11 year old daughter’s nickname to “Little Missed” as the  records show 17 days of school unattended!  We’ve had a variety of illnesses – mostly upper respiratory things.

Two important helps:  Vitamin C and Vitamin D

Vitamin C has helped with all the runny nose, sneezing, congestion stuff.  I crush 1000 mg of Vitamin C (Little Miss weighs 75 pounds and can handle this amount), pour it into the syringe, pull food up into the syringe and give that to her 3 times a day in her blended meals.

Vitamin C is safe in large doses as far as my research can tell but I watch for two things:

1. No response to the Vitamin C within 24 hours means it most likely is NOT good Vitamin C.  I switch to another brand.  Does NOT have to be the most expensive one.

2. Diarrhea means too much vitamin C.  I wait a day and reduce the dosage by 1/4.

Vitamin D is reported to boost the immune system and here in Chicago we get very little sun in winter to build Vitamin D in the body.  Vitamin D is one of those Vitamins that can become toxic in high doses.  Research conflicts but I give Little Miss only 400 IU to avoid toxicity.

So why did we get sick this fall if we are doing all the “right” things?

I prefer to ask “Would we have been much sicker if we had not?”

I think so.  As it is we had no overnight hospital stays and I am very thankful for that!


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