What to Feed When They’ve Been Sick

My daughter has been fed by g-tube for almost 10 years – for medical reasons. Her disabilities are largely neurological and her brain confuses her mouth into thinking eating is a bad idea.

Recently Little Miss was ill with a fever and vomiting.  One advantage of a g-tube is that I can give her water and Pedialyte  in measured amounts and frequencies.  This allows me to keep her hydrated and avoid hospitalization if at all possible.

It took 5 days to overcome the vomiting and fever and get Little Miss rehydrated. Then what?  We tried to move to our usual blended food, but she immediately began vomiting again.  Even diluted blended food resulted in vomiting. Waiting several hours and hydrating with Pedialyte in the meantime, we reached another opportunity for feeding.  The question was, what to feed her? Neocate Jr resulted in vomiting. Back to square one. Water. Then Pedialyte. NOW what to feed her?

Ramen noodles: like eating saltine crackers for the rest of us.

1.5 cups of hot water and the noodles and spice packet:   5 – 7 minutes later all of it into the blender. I pour the blended soup into a bowl, I place the bowl in a sink with a few inches of ice water in it. The blended soup cools to body temperature  and is then easy to feed her via extension tube and syringe. It makes a wonderful next step in the journey to regular blended meals.  With the spice packet, the calories total 390.  One day of Ramen noodles – 4 to 6 a day, and we are back on the path toward what WE call normal life!


3 thoughts on “What to Feed When They’ve Been Sick

  1. Wow it’s interesting to hear the journeys of what others go through with their special needs kids. I have heard of g-tubes but didn’t really understand what they were for per say. Now I got a clear picture after reading what you wrote. I hope your daughter gets to feel better!

  2. I am smiling, reading this morning. I can see you thinking, hmmm. What would I feel like eating if I was coming back from an illness.

    Hey, what kind of blender do you use? We have a Magic Bullet, and are still mostly using baby foods and breastmilk. Who am I kidding? We are exclusively using baby foods and milk. But I want to go beyond, and everything we have tried (canned salmon, tuna, meats) has given us clumps and food all over the place, eventually. I know you know what I mean.

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