helpful clamp for feeding

I was visiting a blogger who has been tube feeding her daughter for a couple years. Here is a handy gadget someone should have told us all about:  clamp to prevent disconnects from tubing

I could have used this years ago when Little Miss was tossing and turning all night and the formula got pumped into the bed instead of her tummy!!


One thought on “helpful clamp for feeding

  1. Yes, I was ticked when I stumbled upon those after 2 1/2 years of tube feedings and feeding the bed on occasion! They should be standard issue when you go home with a tube fed kid!!!

    I found they were a littel cumbersome……and the med port can still open….and if the pressure got to great, I believe there is enough give to still leak… I quit using them….but I agree – it would be nice if they’d offer them in the first place. 🙂

    My son has the AMT Mini-One Balloon button, (the same company that makes those clamps), and they are great to work with. They sell direct to families, and you can get those clamps from them! They are about $9.50 each I think….and they last a long time.

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