Change and Management

Change is a constant, isn’t it?  I don’t usually MIND change, but when the change isn’t a “positive” change I have to deliberately and consciously manage the change to keep from getting discouraged.

As we continue to slog through the economic downturn I’ve reached a decision.  Our weekly trips to the horse barn are going to stop for a while.  Little Miss gets three therapies on the same day each week at the barn. I have seen improvement in her physical stability, her thought organization, cognition and conversation continuity, her visual scanning and fine motor skills. Her big brother goes out with us and has been taking riding lessons.  They both LOVE riding and being around the horses.

Little Miss at horse therapyBig Brother

As the steward, or manager, of the household I have to make decisions I don’t always enjoy. However, to parent kids – one with chronic complex needs – seems to require a particularly sagacious management style. Conservation is required.  I have to conserve energy, my own primarily.  A reserve of energy is necessary in order to handle whatever each day brings.  There are always unexpected events (medical or otherwise) that drain energy and patience. I have found ways to make our durable medical goods last as long as possible (link here).  I monitor what we expend and attempt to not overdo (or under-do) anything. Of course you have done this as well- whether it is related to activities, commitments, finances, energy, leftovers, clothing, vacations, etc.

Little Miss has been on a countdown for 3 weeks leading up to the last trip to the horse barn – next Wednesday.  She seems okay with it so far.  I know there will be a grieving period and some anger.  I have to conserve some energy and time to help her through her process. Otherwise I become quite impatient.

I have managed to make a decision to change. I’ll have to manage the process and the results and the potential change of this decision at some point in the future. I’ll have to manage my own energy and emotions as well. This parenting job is all about change and management.  SAHM maybe should be changed to SAHMHM:  stay at home mom and household manager!

Nearly all these definitions from Merriam-Webster Online seem to apply!

Main Entry:  manage

  1. to handle or direct with a degree of skill: as a: to make and keep compliant <can’t manage their child> b: to treat with care: <managed his resources carefully> c: to exercise executive, administrative, and supervisory direction of <manage a business>

  2. to work upon or try to alter for a purpose <manage stress>

  3. to succeed in accomplishing <managed to escape from prison>

  4. to direct the professional career of

    well that last one isn’t pertinent YET – who knows?!

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