G-Tube Extension Tubes

When feeding via g-tube for medical reasons, extension tubes are used to connect the syringe or IV tubing to the actual g-tube button. Extension tubes are a bit expensive.  I endeavor to make mine last as long as possible.  There are two keys I have found to be important in this effort:

  • keeping the extension tube dry
  • only having one extension tube in use (or at most 2) at a time

After feeding Little Miss, I clean the extension tube and syringe and put them in a basket lined with a cloth napkin in my cabinet until the next use.

Extension tubes degrade when exposed to water and air.  They become stiff rather than flexible.  I keep the clamp open, so as not to stress the plastic.

When an extension tube is creased by the clamp and I have to squeeze that crease or crimp with my fingers to open it, I know the tube is done for.


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