The Vacation

Dear Hubby is off to the Eastern region of the country.  After a visit to some relatives in Virginia, he has undertaken the truly amazing:  

Little Miss at a campground.  

This is the exact reason I did NOT go along. We tried this once before and that was enough too much for me.  Last time was tent camping at Disneyworld.  It is very clean and that helped, but I had my fill then.

Anything smelly or obviously dirty is beyond the coping abilities of Little Miss. Although they are in a log cabin, there are no bathrooms inside. When she tried the available facilities, they did not pass her inspection and she came running out, promptly having an accident.   If I had been there, I could have MAYBE gotten her in there to sit down and avoid the accident but it would have been SO much work. Trips with her are like that and very non-vacation-ish to me! I am so glad I am missing out on this.  Dear Hubby doesn’t live it everyday the same way I do, so he has a little more stored up energy, I think, for this type of adventure.  

Besides:  He. Likes. Camping. (That just does not compute for me.)

One more week and they’ll be back home.  If they all survive! I can’t wait to hear the reports from Big Brother.  He’ll have his own unique perspective on it all!  Little Miss will have plenty to say.  Some of which will be made up.  Most definitely!

And NO. My husband is not available on a rental basis.


3 thoughts on “The Vacation

  1. Sometimes it’s nice to let Daddy see how “real” the kids can be without a Mom —
    I don’t mind camping much… but it is different camping with a “special needs” kiddo compared to a “regular kid”– as it should be– for saftey and cleanilness (spelling?wahtever)

    Keeping my son safe and having to explain why I kept him so close by is in a word annoying…
    We have a big family camping trip coming up in August and I hope that some people in my family…(my parents) will be better at interacting with my son… —

    They aren’t around him enough to learn how best to be with him, so each time we are around them it’s like we have to start a crash course in parenting my son. I wish they were quicker learners, or more receptive to what I suggest. Agh,..

    Thanks for letting me whine a bit…
    (I do plan on having a glass of wine while camping, that might just help…!lol)

  2. Sounds like the perfect vacation to me…..your house to yourself for a week! LOL!
    Wow – that’s super dad right there! Happy Father’s Day to him!

    thanks for the chuckle!

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