G-tubes and Lubrication of Syringe

When feeding my daughter using a g-tube, I make blended meals for her and feed them to her by bolus feeds using a large syringe.

Syringes can be reused and the cleaning and storage instructions for them will be posted here soon.

When a syringe is reused, the rubber end of the plunger frequently begins to oxidize or become tacky. This makes using the syringe a test of muscle strength and very frustrating. A very simple and effective solution for this problem is to lubricate the syringe.

Here’s how I do it: I take my spray oil (the kind used for cooking) and spray lightly on the rubber, on a couple sides of it. Using just a few drops from an oil bottle, like olive oil, works well also. Then I reinsert the plunger into the syringe, turning it and pulling it out and reinserting again to make sure the oil is evenly distributed. That’s it. Mission accomplished!

This is necessary with each use of the syringe. If the oiling is not effective, the rubber has oxidized beyond help and the syringe should be discarded.


One thought on “G-tubes and Lubrication of Syringe

  1. I think you’;re a smart woman to choose your battles carefully. You have helped me a lot with the syringe issues — after reading about your adventure de-clogging the g-tube, well when it happened to my DH, I sort of confidently grabbed a can of ginger ale and pumped that thickened oatmeal outta there! It was such a relief! Also, just de-clogging by pulling back on the plunger… your experiences have helped me a lot. For instance, now I water-down the food a lot more … had to learn that one the hard way, but at least, I had your advice to help me get out of the woods. Keep up the good work\!!!

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