G-Tube Avocado Recipe

When feeding via g-tube for medical reasons, there are so many options!  Providing nutritious meals is an opportunity to reach beyond medicine and doctors and into what is available to all of us for health. 

Avocados are a nutrient dense food. Here’s what I’ve discovered about avocados:

  • good source of potassium, which helps guard against circulatory diseases
  • good source of folate which is important for heart health
  • rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids: oleic acid (so although a typical avocado contains 30 grams of fat, 20 of them are health promoting, especially oleic acid)
  • increases absorption of carotenoids from vegetables
  • good source of vitamin K, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and copper

Note:  According to numerous sources, for people with a latex allergy there may be an allergic reaction to avocados, bananas and chestnuts as they contain substances called chitinases  that are associated with the latex-fruit allergy syndrome. 

To provide a vegetarian g-tube recipe using avocadoes:

Gently heat 2 large sliced tomatoes in a pan

  • (cooking tomatoes breaks down cell walls releasing carotenoids which are thought to protect cells, provide vitamin A, enhance immune system function, help reproductive system function properly)

Peel and remove pit from 4 – 6 avocadoes and place in blender

Add large handful of parsley

1/2 pound of spinach

13 – 15 walnut halves

the tomatoes 

enough water to facilitate blending – 2 cups or more depending on size of avocadoes and tomatoes

Blend until smooth.  Refrigerate.

1 cup of avocado = 235 calories so it is also possible to blend avocado alone with water for a high calorie meal when that is needed.


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