Another G-Tube Recipe (Eggs)

For people with the medical need to be fed by g-tube, there is another recipe that works well and is VERY easy.

Scramble 4 – 6 eggs, blend well and feed.  You may need to add oil or milk to gain the right consistency.  Other ingredients can be added if desired.

Useful info:

  • Each egg contains roughly 70 – 100 calories, so this is a nice and simple way to get a high calorie meal.
  • Regarding cholesterol in eggs:  there is still not a determination that shows a link between the cholesterol we eat and the blood cholesterol in our bodies.  (Our body manufactures that cholesterol.)
  • Eggs are NOT high in saturated or trans fats. One egg has about 5g of fat of which only 1.5g is saturated.
  • Eggs are very nutrient rich including iron, folate, phosphorous, riboflavin, vitamins A, D, E and B-12, and zinc.

NOTE:  Egg allergy is fairly common.  DO NOT FEED EGGS TO  KIDS UNDER 2 YEARS OF AGE. This may help avoid developing an egg allergy.  There is some evidence that indicates many kids “outgrow” egg allergy by age 4 or 5.  Check with your doctor.


3 thoughts on “Another G-Tube Recipe (Eggs)

  1. Thank you for posting all this info about g-tube feeding! Regarding scrambled eggs, you can actually scramble and COOK them right IN a Vitamix! I just put 5 eggs in mine, climb up from 1 Variable speed to High, and let it run for a few minutes until the sound of the engine changes and the hot eggs have pulled away from the edges of the container. Run a spatula around the sides, add some milk and oil, and rerun the process again for a few seconds until everything is pureed. One-“Dish” meal!

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