G-Tube Recipes: Calorie Requirements / Calories per recipe

Feeding by g-tube creates a scientific environment and the question is always: Am I giving my g-tuber enough calories?

Calorie requirements for children vary tremendously according to age, size, activity level, health issues and gender to name a few. According to the pediatrician at www.keepkidshealthy.com here are some general starting numbers:

Age Average Daily
Calorie Needs
Boys Average Daily
Calorie Needs
Girls Average Daily
Calorie Needs
0-5 months 650 11 – 14 years 2500 11 – 14 years 2200
6-12 months 850 15 – 18 years 3000 15 – 18 years 2200
1-3 years 1300
4-6 years 1800
7-10 years 2000

The calories of my g-tube blended meals also vary, according to the ingredients used, quantities, etc. 

My estimates are as follows:

Protein and Vegetable Blend  approximately 20 calories per ounce. I adjust as needed with more nuts, more oils.

Fruit and Grain Recipe  still being calculated but seems very similar. I adjust by adding nuts or oil.


One thought on “G-Tube Recipes: Calorie Requirements / Calories per recipe

  1. Thank you so much! My daughter is 39 and has a progressive brain disease. Chewing and swallowing are becoming much more difficult. Her ability changes throughout the day. I am now faced with needing to replace some meals. She does not want the long hours of getting commercial feedings thru her G-tube so I bought some baby food but I am not satisfied that she is getting a good wholesome ADULT meal. She does tolerate milk and the doctor would like her to be on 1200 calories a day (she needs to lose a little weight). If you have any further advice I would love to hear from you! Debby in Denver

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