The Zoo

Yup the zoo.  Five 8 – 10 year olds with special needs, 5 adults and two little tag along siblings.  The parking lot is a field of buses. There are hundreds of school age kids at the zoo.  

We walk from the camels to the zebras.Zebra

We walk.






From the hippos and elephants to the lions.

Divin' inWe saw penguins and polar bears.


We just dove in and saw all there was to see! …and then we walked some more. 







It rained a little bit and we got a little wet.  polar bear with fish in mouth

But we kept walking. 








And we saw children stare at our kids, and I mean stare. So how do we handle that?


I guess when it comes right down to it, everybody was staring at everybody and every creature! 


Little Miss went to Partners Club today and came home singing “We are different on the outside, but on the inside we are all the same!”  She just kept walking and singing and she made sense of it. 











Black rhino

Black rhino








I guess sometimes you just have to keep walking and let things sort themselves out.



101_3291No matter how goofy each of us looks, and for whatever reason, on the outside we look different, but on the inside we are all the same.

Which is not to say I am a baboon. No way.


2 thoughts on “The Zoo

  1. did you do anything special to keep the kids together– ?
    We also have a field trip coming up to the Zoo–
    my son is 6 and a kinder, he has sensory processing disorder
    — he is very…. tough to keep near by– any ideas?
    Because he can be a challenge I will be his personal chaperon–
    can’t I just re-install the umbical cord?

    • Well, I could joke and suggest a leash, but that wouldn’t be very helpful. Little Miss is a straggler and wanderer so I knew we could get separated from the group if I wasn’t careful. The teacher told me the route we’d be walking at the zoo. I told Little Miss we had to be the leaders. She LOVED that idea so it kept us moving and in front of everyone at least part of the time. Other than that I just worked like a border collie all day!

      Thanks for visiting!

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