G-tube feedings = Recipes for blended food.

Little Miss is fed by g-tube.  Formula and pump are definitely easiest. Our little girl is too active for the time a pump requires.  We switched to blended food and love the results!  She is more alert, healthier and has better skin color. I make several days of this blended food at a time and freeze it.  I make two types of food. One is a recipe of meat, veggies, nuts and water or broth, which she receives three times a day. The second is a fruit and grain recipe given to her once a day.  Her body doesn’t like cows milk so much, so that is not an ingredient of any recipes. As a result, we grind up calcium and magnesium and add to a syringe during one of her daily feedings. 

I use a Vitamix blender because it completely purees any food with no lumps whatsoever.  Lumps are a g-tubes worst nightmare!  For tips on how to unclog a g-tube and/or extension tube, check here

Protein and Vegetable Blend

1 zucchini squash, washed and cut into 1 inch pieces

1 tomato, washed and cut into 1 inch pieces

1 handful walnuts – 14 or so halves

1/2 pound spinach, or beet greens

6 – 8 mushrooms

1 c. parsley

1/2 c. olive oil or 2 T coconut oil

Add 3 cups water  and blend.

1.5 pounds ground beef or ground turkey, etc., cooked

Add meat and blend fully.    Store in sealed container and use within three days or freeze for later use. 

This recipe is altered to use other meats and vegetables and we switch out the nuts for oils.  In this way we hope to avoid food allergies and maximize nutrients.  

Using ground meats reduces the possibility of lumps that will plug the g-tube extension tube.  Pressure cooking un-ground meats helps pulverize meats as well.

For calorie information, click here.


20 thoughts on “G-tube feedings = Recipes for blended food.

  1. my grandson has mytochondrial disease he has his gtube three weeks now. He does not want to eat by mouth. he could but has no interest. Desparate for recipes information to help supply him with nutrients .Pediasure is not doing the job. Our doctor said today we could do puree food .I will try your recipe with the veggies and meat anxious to see fruit recipe. Any advice needed.,.Prayed for

  2. Lynn, thank you for your website. I thought I was alone wanting to feed my child food through her g tube. I have been augmenting her formula with baby food through the tube for years. Her doctors look at me like I’m crazy. They don’t understand why I bother, but it seems to satisfy her more and she has lived much longer than they predicted. After reading your site, I ordered a Vitamix and will try our food as an alternative to the baby food. Other blenders I have tried have not been able to get it fine enough. Thank you for your advice.

    • Rosalie, thanks for your comment! It is always nice to know my experience is helpful to someone! Hang in there! Don’t worry what the doctors think – a mother knows how to feed her child!

  3. Lynn,
    I was wondering if you had the volume amount of these recipes and if you had broken it down into calories/ounce? I am trying to maintain the number of calories my son receives daily without fluid overloading him. Thank you for your great recipes and helpful information.

    • Hi Kathie!
      I counted the calories several years ago when I began this. At that time I had calculated 30 calories per ounce. Each recipe is a bit different. I’m traveling at the moment. When I get home in a week or so, I’ll start recalculating the calories and post them.
      God bless you!

  4. Will this work for an adult? My husband has been on a g-tube for 2 1/2 years and I have never pureed food only used the formula. They now say he’s Diabetic and switched fomulas. He doesn’t like it. So I thought I’d try to puree food. Are there diabetic recipes? And I’m assuming I would give larger portions than that of a child. I believe pureed foods would give him more substance. He is always hungry and does not like to be hooked up to the pump 20 hrs a day. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Unless your doctor objects for some reason, go for it!! There are adults who use blended meals for tube feeding. I can imagine a dairy formula is much less satisfying for an adult. My daughter definitely knows the difference between hunger and satiety. She definitely is not hungry after I feed her! Whatever he would eat by mouth, if he were able, typically could be blended and fed through a g-tube. I wouldn’t recommend grilled-cheese sandwiches though!
      Let us know how it goes!

  5. Fantastic! I have an 8 year old who has had a g-tube for 6 years, ng fed for the first two. She is starting to become intolerant to the canned formula with ingredients I cannot even say. Im glad I found your site and plan to give it a try!! Thanks!!

  6. My mother has been put on a g tube, she had a bleed on her brain.
    She can eat still a little but not enough. They have the tube going from
    6pm to 10am. She does not have any desire to eat, and when she
    takes a few bites feels very full. She is in a nursing home, and they
    recommend this time for calorie intake. I think she should have it turned
    off a least one hour before and after meals. What are your thoughts?
    thank you Kathy

    • Hi Kathy, I am sorry to hear about your mother. What a hard time for all of you! If it were my mother, and I am hoping to get her out of the nursing home and back to her own home, I would have the tube feeding turned off for 3 – 4 hours before every meal. Then after she eats not enough, I would have them give her tube feedings to complete her calories for that meal. They don’t have to use a pump. They can do bolus feeds (using a syringe) and be done with the necessary calories within 2 0minutes. Then she has time to digest, get hungry again, and repeat. Does she move around at all? Are they moving her legs and arms for her if she cannot? A physical therapist can do this, or teach them to do it. It is hard to be hungry if we never move. Night time feeds are easiest because the person is relatively still and the tube feeding does not get in the way of any activities. It can be done very slowly so as not to aggravate her sleeping. It does not have to be juggled around bathroom times, etc.
      I am not an expert except by the fact that I have been managing a tube fed person’s life for 12 years. I would do everything I could do get her on a normal schedule with as close to normal activities as possible. There is an expression, that in the special needs children community, is actually a legal requirement – least restrictive environment. Less restriction, more movement towards maximum usage of their capabilities.
      I hope that helps. Keep me posted!

  7. My daughter is 28 months and we are in the process of switching to a blended diet. She has had her gtube for one year now, and she is active enough that she really needs the “REAL FOOD”. I will be trying out your recipes, and look forward to seeing the results! Thank you very much for your recipes!

  8. I am a caregiver for elderly. I blend everything we eat breakfast, lunch, dinner. Patients love it. Feel like they are part of the family. Vita mixer works miracles. They get plenty nutrients, will be serving thanksgiving dinner same way. Follow your own recipes…remember to blend to liquid. Think healthy. This has been my opportunity to nourish more than if they ate by mouth. Embrace this opportunity. Oatmeal with prunes or raisins. Double fiber bread with coconut oil and bananas, chicken noodle soup, vegetable soup with lots of greens and carrots…the world is your oyster. MUST be liquid….add water or juice or broth to vita mixer to liquefy…you end up with healthy, happy campers. Please avoid the sugars or grease. There is no need for it…salt also…just think healthy. Watch their little cheeks turn rosy and know your helping.

  9. hi can u give me a good calorie and nutritious blended food for my baby that have a cerebral palsy….shes not gaining wait..her nutritionist is not giving her a recipe…

    • Hi, I am 66 and may be using a g-tube for life as a result of a cervical surgery. I’ve been using a Hurom juicer to add 3/4 8 oz servings of veggie and fruit juice to my diet of liquid formula and high protein/calorie powder. The Vitamix blender sounds like something I could use. I need something lite weight to take on trips. I would like to add fish to my recipes; do you have any tips ? Thank-you.

      • Actually the Vitamix is a fairly heavy blender. You can get the 32 ounce carafe instead of the large one that comes with it. I do not have tips about fish, but that sounds like a great idea!

  10. my mother is 96 yrs old (height: 4 ft 11 inches)and had swallowing issues and got a peg tube 1 1/2 months ago.She’s done very well switching from all formula feedings to blendered feedings.She complains that the every 4 hour feeding schedule restricts her mobility (and I agree!) and spontaneity.Would you know if feeding 3 times a day is okay? What is the minimum number of times per day that the peg needs to be flushed to prevent clogging?

  11. For all the adults, and possibly the children, my mom has been on a g-tube for 2 years after a stroke. She was close to eating soft foods, but her stroke was so big, and she’s been in and out of hospitals and skilled nursing that it’s been a hard road. We finally found a company – Functional Formularies – who has an organic whole food formula. What a difference it makes when we give it to her! Unfortunately, whenever she’s not home we are fighting to get her off the Nestles tube food. She is on Isosource – and we have concluded that the 2 years of corn syrup has caused her to have clogged arteries – she is now having a problem with a clogged artery that is not allowing circulation to her left foot and it is going gangrene. At 91 they want to cut her leg off above the knee. Please try to avoid this unhealthy stuff they call food. Functional Formularies – Liquid Hope is a wonderful way to go! It seems expensive, but when I think of it – it’s not much more than grocery shopping for a month. If you parent had a stroke, look up Stroke mender. It really works to help heal the brain and Dr. Raber (he’s a bio chemist) takes the time to talk to you and explain how and why it works. Michele Marsh PS – when mom was eating and only took a few bites of her poached eggs or her soup – I blended it and gave it to her. It works!

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