Look Ma – no hands!

It has suddenly become one of those weeks.  I was coasting, doing so well that I let go of the handlebars. I put my hands in the air.

Then I lost my debit card. 

And she vomited again.

And her mouth hurts A LOT! And she will not let me look in there. Holding her down to look into her mouth as she fights me just doesn’t enable adequate examination. I talked to the dentist last night and got suggestions. I decided NOT to go in today as her pain seems better. But now its bad again. 

And she is freaking out about an upcoming (unfamiliar) field trip.  Daily. The field trip is more than 2 weeks away!  Short of actually visiting the zoo with her, I cannot assuage her anxiety.  We’ve watched videos of the zoo, looked at it on google maps. I’m out of ideas.

And her appointment next week with the dentist just got rescheduled to 6 weeks from now because the dentist has to be out of the office next week!!!!  

Okay. First things first. Debit card. Be back soon.


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