A relaxing evening at the hospital?

Yesterday I had arranged for an outing with my two children.  We went to the home of  dear friends to spend the late afternoon and evening.  Pizza, popcorn, dog tricks, games, conversation!

My phone rang.

After general anesthesia a person can expect pain for the first couple of days as the body processes the excess air. Pain continuing beyond that needs to be checked out: I took another dear friend to the hospital to have her post-surgical pain checked out. We were in an exam room in the E.R. for roughly four hours.  She was sent home with an “all clear” and painkillers.

I went home renewed and re-energized!  How could that be?!?!?!  Well, although I was at the hospital:

  • it was not for my daughter!  
  • I enjoyed 4 hours of nearly uninterrupted conversation with a dear friend.  
  • My children were in great hands and happy (and the dog too, as she went along). 
  • My husband was home taking a nap!  

By the time I arrived home:

  • my daughter was fed and asleep
  •  my husband had left for his night meeting
  • my son was relaxed, fed and happy
  • my hospitalized friend was home and reassured. 

All good. 

What an odd way to get time to rejuvenate.  But I’ll take it!  Whatever works. =D


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