A dog. Who could not love a dog?

Here’s our youngest family member, Tulip.  She needs a trip to the groomer.  The next photo I share will show her true beauty!   She is a delightful part of our family.  For one thing, she is small, doesn’t shed, very rarely barks, and doesn’t leave BIG messes in the yard.  She is loyal and affectionate, and has taken our special daughter’s place as the youngest member of the family. This is a good thing.

Tulip Our 10 year old daughter gets so much attention that she needs a little competition for cutest-in-class.  Of course having a dog is most beneficial for ME as the momma because the dog is always glad to see me!   

She is not always so glad to see Little Miss En because poor Tulip is the patient to En’s doctor.  Tulip is the child to En’s parent.  Tulip is the student to En’s teacher, etc.  En gets to be the boss of someone! Well, as long as she catches that someone before it hides under the bed. Tulip is exactly what En needs. A “baby” of the family, someone else who gets attention, oohs and ahhs.  En doesn’t ever hurt her.  She loves Tulip.  

The beauty of our dog is when En is hurt or sick, our wonderful Tulip jumps up on En’s bed and stays there until the trouble has passed. What more could we ask for?  (Other than having her sign the member-of-the-family clause about doing her “business” outside.)


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